Banking & Capital Markets Law

The steadily increasing importance of capital markets law in daily life arises from the intertwinement of our citizens’ old-age provision with the capital markets and from the change in public and corporate financing. Owing to the close links between the capital markets and the economy, the legislator has adopted a myriad of rules in order to guarantee the players’ individual protection and the protection of the market function. The complexity and versatility of the possibilities available in this area require knowledge of a special quality and long-term experience. Our outstanding capital markets expertise is confirmed to us daily by our clients among whom can be counted both private and institutional investors, as well as issuers, initiators, advisors, trustees and corporations.

The focus of our work is on the financial services and investment sector, especially regarding

  • failed capital investments, including real estate
  • closed-end funds or funds open to the general public, the associated liability extending to statements made in issuing prospectus and advisor’s liability, as well as real estate funds
  • investor and minority protection
  • insider matters and capital markets publicity
  • mezzanine loans and consumer loans
  • crowd investing
  • matters related to the securities takeover law