Corporate law, Stock corporation law, Mergers & Acquisitions

Competent, accompanying legal advice for companies, shareholders and their management is indispensable in day-to-day business and in special situations alike. With the aim of coming up to the great diversity of these requirements, we develop efficient, innovative and sustainable solution structures for our clients.

We advise national and international corporations and partnerships, their shareholders, partners, founders, executive bodies as well as free lancers, such as architects, physicians, engineers, patent lawyers, lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and dentists.

Our priorities are as follows:

  • Company and share purchases, on both the purchaser’s and the seller’s side
  • Venture capital including consulting for founders and investors as well as
    private equity
  • Stock corporation and group law
  • Law governing limited liability companies
  • Partnership law (company constituted under civil law (GbR), partnership, partnership with limited professional liability, general commercial partnership (OHG), limited commercial partnership (KG), limited commercial partnerships formed with a limited liability company as general partner and the members of the limited liability company, their families or outsiders as limited partners (GmbH & Co KG), commercial partnership limited by shares (KGaA))
  • Business start-ups, including advice on the choice of the legal form
  • Disputes under the law on partnerships and corporations (e.g. disputes between shareholders, disputes relating to deficient resolutions, award proceedings, special review proceedings)
  • Matters of and with board members, supervisory board members, managing directors and advisory board members
  • Conversion, structural and personnel changes, succession arrangements, liquidation of a company
  • Advice on annual general or shareholder meetings as well as equity and other structural measures
  • Assertion of shareholder rights
  • Advice on corporate financing
  • Issues affecting board members, managing directors and supervisory board members
  • Management and employee participation programmes (including stock option programmes)
  • Commercial law including international traffic in merchandise
  • Law governing authorized dealers, commercial representatives, franchisees, distribution law and sponsoring
  • Firm name, general commercial power of attorney (in German: Prokura)