Litigation & alternative dispute resolution

In order to avoid cost-intensive proceedings, it is indispensable to weigh up the chances of success and economic efficiency in a responsible and careful manner.

All matters relating to the conduct of litigation are part of our daily work. We point out sensible approaches even in deadlocked disputes, which we pursue for our clients whether in court or out of court. In doing so, we act on the sides of both the plaintiff and the defendant and can rely on a wealth of excellent experience gained over many years. In addition, we act in arbitration proceedings (including on the judge’s bench) and in award proceedings (including as joint representatives of those shareholders who are not a party to the proceedings).


  • Corporate Litigation
    • Disputes between executive bodies
    • Deficient resolution proceedings (e.g. contestation of shareholder resolutions and resolutions adopted by the annual general meeting) including what is referred to as approval proceedings in the event of structural measures
    • Award proceedings when the amount of the compensation and settlement claims of shareholders (including as so-called joint representative) is to be reviewed
    • Special review proceedings
    • Compulsory information procedures
    • Disputes between shareholders
  • Post-M & A procedures (procedures in connection with company acquisitions)
  • Proceedings relating to the liability of executive bodies (e.g. board members, supervisory board members, managing directors, D & O liability insurances)
  • Proceedings relating to advisor’s liability (e.g. lawyers, tax consultants, auditors, financial service providers)
  • Proceedings for unfair dismissal
  • Decision-making procedures under the law on labour relations at the workplace
  • Conciliation board procedures
  • Proceedings under capital markets law
  • Proceedings relating to squeeze-out under takeover law
  • Proceedings under commercial and economic law (e.g. regarding compensation claims on the part of commercial representatives)
  • Disputes relating to construction defects
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Provisional legal protection
  • Execution assistance