When it comes to arranging succession in a company or one’s personal legacy, advice is a matter of trust. A competent and reliable partner is also needed when conflicts under inheritance law have to be settled or pacified.


Right from the beginning of our law firm, assisting entrepreneurs and private individuals in matters of inheritance law has been one of our core competencies. We have the economic understanding and the comprehensive knowledge of corporate law to arrange the succession of assets with the business owner or shareholder according to their ideas; to provide the right answers for issues of inheritance law in the private sphere, we have the necessary intuition in addition to sound legal expertise and clout.


We will be happy to advise and support you in the precise drafting of anticipated succession, partnership agreements, wills, or inheritance contracts. If you are looking for legal representation to successfully assert your claims as an heir, legatee, or beneficiary of a compulsory portion out of court or in court, or to defend against such claims once and for all, you will find it with us. Of course, you are also in good hands with us when it comes to the execution of wills.

Focal Points

Succession in the business sphere

01 /

Erbrechtliche Gestaltungen in Gesellschaftsvertrag oder Satzung

02 /

Entrepreneur’s wills

03 /

Preparation and design of anticipated successions

04 /

Transfer of businesses or company shares to the next generation

05 /

Minors in succession planning

06 /

Dealing with heirs and communities of heirs to shareholdings

07 /

Rights of heirs to shareholdings

08 /

Execution of wills and undertakings or participations

09 /

Withdrawal of heirs from the company

Succession in the private sphere/general law of succession

01 /

Advice on the effective drafting of testamentary dispositions

02 /

Design of wills

03 /

Drafting of inheritance contracts

04 /

Design of spousal wills

05 /

Determination of legacies and conditions

06 /

Statutory and voluntary advance bequests

07 /

Exclusion from succession

08 /

Repudiation of an inheritance

09 /

Appointment to the compulsory portion

10 /

Calculation of compulsory portion

11 /

Claims to information under inheritance law

12 /

Legal succession

13 /

Drafting and negotiation of inheritance partition agreements

14 /

Enforcement of inheritance claims

15 /

Assertion and enforcement of claims for compulsory portions and compulsory portion supplements

16 /

Inheritance certificate procedure

17 /

Anticipated succession

18 /