We advise and represent companies, shareholders, partners, managing directors, board members, supervisory boards, investors, and private individuals in corporate disputes. On the one hand, this relates to disputes after a transaction has taken place, for example, due to breaches of warranty. On the other hand, these include, for example, rescission and award proceedings.

Focal Points

01 /

Disputes concerning compensation claims of shareholders or partners in connection with their withdrawal from partnerships or corporations, including freelancer partnerships.

02 /

Award proceedings, if the amount of compensation and settlement claims of shareholders is to be reviewed (also as a so-called joint representative)

03 /

Proceedings to enforce information from shareholders against the company

04 /

Proceedings for defects in resolutions (e.g. contestation of company and general meeting resolutions) including so-called release proceedings in the case of structural measures

05 /

Shareholder or partner disputes, i.e. disputes among shareholders or partners or disputes between the company and shareholders or partners

06 /

Post-merger M & A (disputes in connection with share and company acquisitions)

07 /

Proceedings with reference to capital market law: Proceedings for the implementation of a squeeze-out under takeover law, Proceedings for damages due to omitted or incorrect capital market information, Proceedings for damages due to defective equity investment