We have long been a recognized address in labor and employment law matters. We have acquired this expertise through years of advising and representing both employers and employees, which enables us to integrate the legal and factual position of the respective opposing party into the successful support of our clients better than law firms that exclusively represent either employers or employees.


Given their complexity and sensitivity, labor law considerations call for specialists. Since our law firm can avail itself of the qualification of a lawyer specializing in labor law and a lawyer specializing in commercial and corporate law, we are also able to give our clients the best possible support at the interface of these two fields of law (e.g. in matters relating to board members and managing directors, corporate transactions or transformations).


Individual labor law regulates the legal relationship between employers and employees.


Collective labor law deals with the legal relationship between the employer and the bodies under works constitution law (the works council, general works council, group works council, economic committee), the spokespersons’ committee of executive staff as well as trade unions.


By restructuring measures, we mean both internal operations and measures under company law, such as a sale or transformation of the employer.