We are experts in out-of-court dispute resolution and procedural law, helping our clients to resolve their disputes effectively and successfully. In doing so, we act on both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s sides and have excellent, wide-ranging experience gained over many years. In addition, we appear in arbitration proceedings (also on the judge’s bench) as well as in award proceedings (also as joint representatives of shareholders not involved in the proceedings).


Our law firm has an experienced team of lawyers specializing in various areas of law. In addition to the areas of focus listed below, we are also active in other civil and commercial litigation. We offer our clients comprehensive advice and representation at all stages of litigation, from out-of-court negotiations to proceedings in court.


We advise and represent companies, shareholders, partners, managing directors, board members, supervisory boards, investors, and private individuals in corporate disputes. On the one hand, this relates to disputes after a transaction has taken place, for example, due to breaches of warranty. On the other hand, these include, for example, rescission and award proceedings.


Furthermore, we advise companies, managing directors, board members, and supervisory boards on all liability issues with the involvement of D & O insurance. We have broad expertise in both the defense of liability claims and their enforcement. In this regard, we benefit from our knowledge of corporate law and our practical experience in court proceedings before the Chambers of Commerce and in special audits.


Our law firm has many years of experience in litigation before the labor courts. In doing so, we accompany you in both judgment proceedings and resolution proceedings, supporting you in creating the necessary conditions for successful litigation. In addition, we act for our clients in proceedings before the conciliation board. It is important for us to provide advice and representation tailored to the needs of our clients in order to work with them and find an effective and efficient solution to their legal problems.


Disputes under commercial law can arise in various areas, for example, when buying or selling goods, in contracts between companies, or in agency and distribution agreements. Such disputes may have a significant financial impact on the companies concerned. As a law firm specializing in commercial litigation, we offer our clients comprehensive advice and representation in all areas of commercial law.


Advisor liability refers to the responsibility primarily of investment advisors, attorneys, patent attorneys, tax advisors, and auditors towards their clients in the course of their professional activities. As a law firm with broad expertise in the area of advisor liability, we can provide our clients with comprehensive advice and representation in this area.


Our law firm has many years of experience in advising and representing clients in arbitration proceedings. We offer our clients comprehensive legal advice, from the drafting of the contract to the preparation and conduct of the arbitration proceedings and the enforcement of the arbitral award.