Our law firm has many years of experience in advising and representing clients in arbitration proceedings. We offer our clients comprehensive legal advice, from the drafting of the contract to the preparation and conduct of the arbitration proceedings and the enforcement of the arbitral award.

We also act as arbitrators in arbitration proceedings in which our clients are not involved.

Focal Points

What are arbitration proceedings?

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Arbitration proceedings are a form of out-of-court dispute resolution in which the parties to a dispute agree to private arbitration and avoid the judgment of a state court. Arbitration proceedings offer numerous advantages, such as a quick resolution, the possibility of receiving an award in a foreign language, and confidentiality and secrecy.

Our approach

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Each arbitration case is unique and requires an individual approach. We take the time to explain the arbitration proceedings and their course to our clients and to inform them about all legal aspects. We then consult closely with our clients in order to understand and work out their interests and goals in the best possible way.