Law of Succession and Succession in Property Rights (Private Clients)

The complexity and fast pace of the economic cycle require a thorough and sustainable management of the assets created so that early familiarization with the subject of inheritance and succession is advisable. Family asset structures should be subject to a wise, long-term concept and necessitate responsible planning for future generations in order to avoid the unnecessary destruction of accrued assets because of situations like inheritance disputes or inheritance tax problems.

Within the framework of succession planning, we provide advice to companies, shareholders and private individuals alike. We take pride in bringing our outstanding abilities to bear in order to earn the trust of our clients, for whom we have been working over many years, on a daily basis. We offer you the possibility of commencing your succession planning at an early stage. Owing to our experience, we know what is important.

We can help in:

  • Creating or organizing a will or an inheritance contract, a marriage or donation contract or a memorandum of association
  • Succession matters, such as e.g. estate distribution among heirs or compulsory portion issues, executorship
  • Support in proceedings for the issue of a certificate of inheritance
  • Preparing an advance health care directive and documents containing advance arrangements
  • Succession issues in the event of the transfer of an undertaking, the setting up of a foundation and anticipated succession matters
  • Judicial and extrajudicial disputes between heirs and other entitled persons