Real Estate & Private Building Law

The asset class “Real estate” requires a specialized level of detail and comprehensive expertise of the market and the sector. Developers, building owners, owner-occupiers, condominium owners and administrators, property owners, tenants, architects and civil engineers have been among our clients for many years.

Owing to the continuous further development of this area in line with ambitious quality requirements, we can rely on an excellent specialist knowledge.

Among other things, our priorities are as follows:

  • Advice on the acquisition, financing and refinancing of commercial and residential real estate
  • Advice on renting and leasing property
  • Advice on the realization of buildings and real estate
  • Architect’s liability, architecture law, architect’s remuneration, law concerning engineers
  • Building contracts, award procedures, construction supervision and support
  • Construction contract procedures for building works (HOAI, VOB/B)
  • Disputes relating to costs and building defects
  • Law governing condominium owners communities